Wedding Book

Wedding book: your book of memories and emotions

Photography is a virtual memory until it is printed, and our wedding photography service philosophy is a story line with pictures to be viewed in its entirety. Each photograph has its own esthetics but it assumes an emotional and symbolic significance when it is part of a wedding reportage.
For this we feel that the best way to complete the photography project is to create a photography book.

The wedding book of Duepunti Wedding Photography

Our wedding book contains a program of top quality fine art paper prints perfectly bound, essential and aimed at enhancing the photography project.
Despite leaving clients free to express their preferences, they generally do not like graphics and heavy covers: we imagine a wedding book fitting perfectly into your bookshelves, looked at and browsed frequently and not stuffed in a drawer and forgotten. In terms of its creation, we will determine the photography project based on the moments and images the couples are most connected to, to be reviewed based on your tastes. Printing is done only after your approval of the final draft.

Our albums are created entirely by hand, with top quality Hahnemuhle craft paper, we print them directly after a lengthy color correction and retouch job on each photo. The specialness of our albums lies in the direct binding of the prints, without the use of glue or applications of a board core, based on the concept of high end manuscripts.
After a long search, we found craftsmen able to create perfect manual bindings, using very top quality materials for the covers and packages, such as unique pieces of full-grain leather and prime fabrics with vegetable dyes. This production process performed entirely by hand and without any mechanical means requires time and accuracy (on average at least 1 week for the pre-printing phase and 1 for binding), resulting in a unique gift for the couple, just like the value of their memories, certified to remain unaltered for decades.

The wedding book is available in 3 formats: 30X40 cm, 20X30 cm and 15X20 cm.

Wedding book, an artistic diary of your memories to give to yourselves and others

The conclusive highlight to the photography project of your ceremony, the wedding book, is a gift to give yourselves as a couple, to store your memories and emotions in a valuable container. Often it is gift that witnesses, relatives or friends select for the bride and groom. Created for the wedding, our handcrafted album is also appropriate for a couple or engagement photography service.