Wedding Photographers in Switzerland

Wedding in Switzerland, exclusive settings – lakes, alpine landscapes and period villas

For those like us who have become experts in wedding photography on the shores of Lake Maggiore, tracing its perimeter in a search for enchanting corners is a search that does not end at geographic borders. Ascona, Locarno and the Brissago Islands with its enchanting botanical garden, Ticino’s Botanical Park, are charming destinations for your wedding location and for designing a narration for elegant pictures far from clichés.
Ticino, the southernmost canton of Switzerland also known as the Italian canton, is also Lugano and its lake, Bellinzona, the contrast between the majestic presence of the Alps and the luxurious vegetation that flourishes from spring to fall thanks to the mild climate of the lakes. A series of exclusive locations for civil and religious weddings which tell the story of towns filled with history and culture, period villas and castles to use as venues for receptions with impeccable gardens, fountains and age old trees.

Reasons to choose Ticino for your wedding

Ticino is a timeless location for celebrating a charming wedding. With its location in southern Switzerland and mild climate thanks to Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, Ticino is historically considered the “Swiss Riviera”; it has a wealth of towns with ancient origins and villas, parks and castles that are currently elegant locations for ceremonies and a unique background for a photography book. It is popular with Italians who find the ambiance impeccable and focused on beauty, with a refined cuisine, history and culture plus a touch of originality. The Swiss and foreigners love this part of the Riviera where the climate and vegetation are pleasant and the level of hospitality is excellent everywhere.

Your wedding photography book in Ticino

If you decide to get married on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore or in another location, we will be at your side to a create a narration of images consistent with the style of your ceremony. Our esthetics combines the places and situations with the people and a location is never an inert background for the photos of the bride and groom and guests, we carry out an in-depth study to enhance them and make them the central figures. Our decision to independently perform printing on top quality fine art cotton paper based on our solid experience, allows us to enhance the post production development and printing of the stylistic choices, lights and composition details that inspired us during the shooting phase.
The day of your wedding is not the only occasion for giving yourselves a couple photography service in Ticino: a romantic getaway or a marriage proposal in a prestigious hotel in Ticino is unique times to immortalize.