Lake Maggiore Wedding Photographers

Weddings at Lake Maggiore, a charming setting

There are romantic places where the preferences of couples and photographers meet. One of these is definitely Lake Maggiore, Italy. Due Punti Wedding Photography knows it well, both because we are nearby, but also because we have chosen it as the setting for many, many photography services for weddings, engagement parties and photo shots of couples.We have learned how to emphasize the natural light and its reflections on faces in every season. We have found secret, charming areas to use for settings, far from the crowded spots.

Reasons to choose Lake Maggiore as the location for your wedding

Lake Maggiore covers parts of Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland, and the debate over which is the prettiest shore is a dilemma that has no answer. But each couple will find its own perfect spot. Lake Maggiore is an elegant and charming context, it allows a wide range of personalizations to avoid the sensation of a stereotypical ceremony. The shore at Stresa and Pallanza features period hotels and flowerbeds which surround visitors with an exclusive ambiance, pleasantly traditional but not stuffy. The landscape as far as you can see with the Borromean islands in the background has always been a great inspiration for our photography services, especially charming in late spring with hydrangeas, gardenias and camellias in bloom. The mountains, with their peaks still covered in snow, surround Lake Maggiore and are an enchanting and reassuring setting. For a few romantic shots on the islands, reached by taking a local boat, we will help you find the perfect setting: the green and flower-filled Isola Madre, the elegant and majestic Isola Bella or the smaller and very romantic Isola dei Pescatori. Spots that vie for our attention as photographers include the Eremo di Santa Caterina and Rocca di Angera on the Lombardy shore of the lake, the silent villages that appear out of nowhere along the lake, the Baroque charm of Stresa, the Botanical Gardens at Villa Taranto, with their luxurious blooms or the less known citrus groves of Cannero Riviera.

Your wedding photography service on Lake Maggiore

If you are organizing your wedding on Lake Maggiore, either by yourselves or with the help of a wedding planner, we would be happy to assist you in choosing a location for the wedding photography service. Our familiarity with the various spots and their special charms lets us interpret your style and that of the ceremony and accompany you to inspect the scenario that we feel is ideal as a setting for your wedding pictures.
If your wedding is set for a date in the distant future why not give yourselves a couple photography book, to immortalize your engagement?