Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints: the excellence of the printed image

Photography does not exist until it is transformed into a print. Currently, in the middle of the digital age, the concept of printing has almost disappeared, but we love to propose it for special occasions like wedding photography services. A digital file is simply a virtualization of a photographic image: it can become one of an infinite variety of possibilities: toned, black and white. Thanks to our academic and professional background in analog and digital photographic printing, we have decided to undertake the production of fine art prints to complete our photography work and exclusively for our clients.
We have selected the best fine arts papers used in fine arts and we personally follow all of the post production, pre-printing and printing phases, to elevate every picture to the status of a unique product, realized in limited edition with authenticity certificate.

What is fine art photography?

In line with the wedding photography approach of Duepunti Wedding Photography, our starting point is artistic intent, a focus on the composition, colors and real contrasts, that can only take shape if the image is printed on paper that interprets it to the maximum.
Over the years we have conducted countless searches in the unlimited world of photographic paper and we have learned to appreciate the material, texture, exquisite reproduction of colors and changes in color.
We chose a selection of papers entirely in cotton fibers that we found more exciting visually and to the touch to be able to offer our clients a real sensory and moving experience. We decided not to accept compromises and all of our production is created on Hahnemuhle papers for fine art reproduction and we print with Epson inks and printers. Hahnemuhle is a symbol of artistic photography, a guarantee for the best rendering of the picture.
Our printing is treated with Hahnemuhle coating which guarantees that the color and whiteness will remain unaltered for 150 years: your memories will be safe for a few generations. All of our prints are accompanied by a Hahnemuhle artistic uniqueness certificate, they are mounted on paperboard or mat and placed in an elegant wooden container.

Experience the emotions of fine art prints

Your wedding, engagement or couple service, in our project are created to become fine art prints to keep in a treasured wooden box. We can select the prints to give to friends and relatives together, possibly enlarged in special formats, and possibly create a wedding book, with the certainty that the prints we create on Hahnemuhle fine arts paper are the best form for your memories.