Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

A wedding on the Amalfi Coast the quintessence of a Mediterranean ambiance

Is it possible to take a photo of the scent of citrus fruit and jasmine, the pure energy of the colors of Positano’s hidden corners and the hypnotic sound of the waves breaking on the rocks in an emerald green sea? With this expressive challenge we departed for the Amalfi Coast on one of our photography research trips on the ambiance and landscape and we created wedding photography services where the bride and groom emerge with their personality in a particularly evocative landscape.

Reasons to choose the Amalfi Coast for your wedding

The Amalfi Coast is a synthesis of Mediterranean harmony, present in the minds of many Italian and foreign couples who choose the iconic Italian Way of Life context as their wedding destination. The sensations that remained with us include the breathtaking, completely unexpected landscape when you arrive from Naples, the rocks hanging over the sea and the villages clinging to the mountain with their colorful houses, in a harmonious palette of colors that only appear to be random. The towns are very clean and impeccable, with sea scented alleys heading up the hill. The views of Ravello, the blinding whiteness of the Chiostro del Paradiso in Amalfi, the enchanting facade of the Duomo, the citrus trees in Sorrento. The perfectly color coordinated umbrellas and beach chairs on small, tidy beaches, luxury and laid back charm, the ever-present joie de vivre feeling, luxurious bougainvillea and lemon tree vegetation, painted ceramics, rocks emerging from the sea…we could go on and on, because there are so many pictures we have taken and studied behind the lens that have remained imprinted in our memories.

Your wedding photography book on the Amalfi Coast

An ideal location for couples who love the timeless charm of the Dolce Vita and lively Mediterranean ambiances, the Amalfi Coast is a setting that emphasizes a photographer’s technical and composition skills. The dazzling light, the play of shadows and combinations of sky, sea and white or colored houses represent a context that inspired intense research for us at Duepunti Wedding Photography. As always the star of this composition is the couple with its alchemy, that emerges resembling or in elegant contrast with the landscape. We are available for suggesting spots to you or your wedding planner as settings for your photography service and to create a photography narration program for your event. And if you choose the Amalfi Coast for a romantic getaway or trip to celebrate your engagement, why not create a couple photography service to print on top quality fine art paper?