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Omaggio a Ugo Mulas – ph. Martina Ferrara

Our names are Manuel and Anna, the creators of Duepunti Wedding Photography, we are Italian wedding photographers, companions at work and, more importantly, in life. It is thanks to working and living side by side for years that has strengthened our ties; this sharing is a fundamental factor for our constant growth and increasing professionalism.
Our educational background was in the field and we received a diploma from the Bauer Photography School of Milan. We have shared most of our professional experience building an artistic background characterized by two interpretations, visions and sensitivities that are distinct but absolutely harmonious and complement each other.
Through constant personal and professional research we have understood the importance of photography in its most intimate aspect, and we decided to undertake this adventure making no compromises. We offer wedding photography with a professional, narrative and artistic approach, and top quality artistic prints are our strong point, made directly by us and aimed at creating unique certified artistic works.

Our team

Over the years we have put together a team of priceless collaborators, professional photographers, with whom we share the same training background and professional experience in photography. Each one of them comes from our same educational program and their wonderful work offers the same consistency in style and language that you will find in our portfolio. These young people are serious professionals and they work with us in complete compliance with the guidelines of Duepunti Wedding Photography: discretion, elegance, politeness, respect for clients and a major commitment to create the best work possible.The photography service is always entrusted to two photographers; normally a female and a male who, with their respective sensitivities, complement each other and contribute to depicting the various nuances of the same event.

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We work from the lakes in northern Italy and all over the country

Our studio is located in the historic centre of Novara on the Piedmont shores of Lake Maggiore, but our business as photographers for weddings, couples and ceremonies covers all of Italy. We manage almost all of the photography services remotely. We are travelers by vocation and we love researching new places to study the light and landscape, understand its soul and transfer them to photos.
Our vicinity to the lake has been a stimulus for photographic research on light and on a special landscape context where water, mountains, vegetation and sky meet in a rare combination. We are well known for our wedding photography books on Lake Orta, Lake Como and all of the Swiss Canton of Ticino, but also in completely different landscapes including Tuscany, Apulia and the Amalfi Coast.
No matter where you decide to celebrate your wedding, we will carefully study the places, your personalities as a couple and the style of your ceremony and how they can blend with the natural and urban landscape to create a photographic narrative that represents you and your emotions. We work with both wedding planners and Italian and foreign couples who decide to organize their ceremonies on their own.

How we work: the photography project and our love of film

Our philosophy is that of a project: when a photography project is created, we look for a story flow for significant pictures, free of clichés, that place priority natural light.
For each event there is always a brainstorming session and preliminary planning phase regarding the people, places and the events that will happen. Our idea is to give our clients something unique, extremely personal and intimate, and depict them in the work we give them.
We work with utmost respect for deadlines and our presence is discreet. We will help you fill out a wish list during meetings to prepare for our photography service along with your expectations and the people who you want to see highlighted in your photos. This will let us act with confidence on the day of your ceremony and not leave anything up to chance.
We like simple, natural and direct, refined project artistic photography with a careful composition but never expected and repetitive; we enjoy the ambiance created by natural light and the variations of shades and colors that nature creates. We adore recounting the places, people, gestures, details and relations that are naturally created between these elements. We love working with film, not because of its vintage or high fashion aspect but due to its direct and indexing relationship with the subject, and because it is made of material and not bits. We do not like photography as an end in itself without a narrative effect, or “boasting”, sensational, inhomogeneous, excessive, busy and blaring photography.

  • Straight photography

  • Because when you build you inevitably create an artifact
  • For the way we view photography, it becomes essential to protect people, their identity made up of glimpses, body language and real relationships with the other actors of the day. Our commitment is to perform direct photography, without any artifices, poses or specifically created situations, carefully dealing with the composition and esthetic aspect, handling the language and the consistency of the created images and leaving people free to enjoy the day. And this is what lets us provide the best results, without that useless overtone that adds nothing to photography.
  • Analog photography

  • Film is not vintage
  • For us creating real reportages on film is absolutely not a mere question of style and we are actually thrilled when clients order film. Analog represents the most direct contact that exists between the subject and photographic image, it is semi-indexing since a part of the subject is brought by a beam of light directly on the film and remains there forever. In addition to this, working with film for us creates a much closer and direct contact with whatever is going on in front of us, the creation of a smaller quantity of pictures is not a negative sign, analog images are finished images and not the performance of a high number of attempts and alternatives, an attitude resulting from digital photography. We also use square medium format machines which have created the history of artistic photography such as that of Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon and Ansel Adams.
  • Fine Art Printing

  • photo does not exist if it isn’t printed
  • Despite the fact that the digital age has moved photographers’ and clients’ needs away from printing in the wedding world, we are strongly convinced that a photograph cannot be considered one if it is not printed on a support. For this reason and thanks to our experience in the academic and professional world in terms of analog and digital printing, we decided to create in-house printing all on very high quality paper in fine art cotton fiber. Being able to complete our photographic work in our books, entirely performed by us or with prints up to A2 format, is extremely rewarding for us and something we are proud of We use Hahnemuhle cotton fiber paper and Epson inkjet printers for our printing.