“My only aim was to express reality, for there is nothing more surreal than reality itself.”


Welcome! Our names are Anna and Manuel, professional Italian photographers, a couple in real life and the creators of Due Punti Wedding Photography. Our photography project originates from a desire to bring a passionate photographic research program and the perfection that characterizes us to wedding and couple photography. Our focus on depicting emotions blends with a vision of photography book as narrative reportage and a complete artistic project. We build a program using images that correspond to your personality and that provide an intimate and intense glimpse of the event. We emphasize uniqueness of the moment with extreme care during the development and printing phase, which we perform directly in order to obtain unique and certified artistic images.

We believe in the intensity of film and the added value of a fine art print, able to add vitality to a memory. In our work male and female interpretive sensitivity harmoniously compliment each other thanks to the skill of two professionals who have brought their background in studio, journalism and research photography, post-production and darkroom work to their wedding photography service. Our studio is in Arona, on Lake Maggiore, but we work with destination weddings all over Italy. We consider the locations for the ceremonies as one of the elements for creating your photographic story: we will study yours to grasp its essence or we will help you to identify a setting in tune with your feelings.

Our program with the couple is composed of empathetic listening, planning of a storyboard, discreet but attentive presence the day of the wedding and selection of the most suitable photographic support to make the shots come alive. If photography is always a mediation of reality, entrust your memories to someone who treats then with the respect and dedication that a complex and refined art deserves. Take a look at our website, you’ll be able to understand our style and the range of our services in just a few short minutes. Contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions and plan you photography service together.